Our School

Blessington Community College opened in 1993 on an 11 acre site on the Blessington/Naas Road.  The College is under the Kildare Wicklow E.T.B.

In Blessington Community College we seek to promote the holistic development of each student, focusing on the academic, social, emotional and cultural development of each individual. Through our pastoral system we work to foster a caring, supportive environment in which each student can feel secure and valued. We aim to help the students develop personal and life skills which are essential as they prepare to take their places in a challenging, modern society.

Our committed and dedicated teachers have a genuine interest in the students' development, progress and achievement of their potential. We work consistently to meet the demands of an ever changing society and work-place, by ensuring that our curriculum is relevant and challenging.

School Mission

'Blessington Community College is dedicated to the holistic development of each student, aiming to foster and develop self-esteem, respect, tolerance and fairness, while individual differences and uniqueness are valued.’

Vision Statement

High Academic expectations and standards are promoted in a safe, happy and inclusive environment, which enables our students to develop into caring, responsible, confident young adults who can make a worthwhile contribution to society.