Child Watch


Pat Mc Kenna from Child Watch will run workshops on Internet Safety for all students on Thursday 18/1/18.

This is an excellent workshop and it was very well received when Pat delivered it in 2015 to our students.

All parents are invited to the evening session at 7:30 pm. We would encourage all parents to attend this workshop. 


Internet Resilience Seminar: Recognising and mitigating risk when online 

Data placed online by any source related to a person or organisation is 
referred to as their digital footprint. With complex tools being available to 
conduct online enquiries it has become easier for bonafide researchers 
and criminals to discover this data and affect the lives of people. Adults
and children alike are the targets with young people being especially 

This seminar addresses issues that are key to keeping safe and maintaining 
a successful digital footprint. It brings powerful insight through real case examples and offers advice on being resilient when online.