Pastoral Care

In Blessington Community College we facilitate the development of all members of our school community. In our school community we foster relationships based on respect. We nurture a sense of belonging to our school community where each individual is valued and her/his uniqueness is recognised. We promote a school community that is caring and positive. This work will be carried out in an environment that is both safe and secure for all in our school community. We believe Pastoral Care is the responsibility of the entire school community. Pastoral Care should permeate all areas of school life.

Pastoral Care is an integral part of our work in Blessington Community College and as such it needs a formal structure to ensure its effectiveness in our school community on a day-by-day basis and particularly at critical times.

Goals of Pastoral Care in Blessington Community College

That each member of the school community will

· Feel valued and cared for

· Be developed to his/her full potential

· Have a sense of belonging to our school community

Year Head

Year Heads play a crucial role in helping the Principal and Deputy Principal in the organisation and administration of the College.

They oversee the students in their Year Groups and deal with issues pertaining to these classes as they arise.

They liaise with Class Tutors and Subject Teachers and meet with parents to discuss pastoral or disciplinary issues.

Role of Tutor

All students are assigned to a tutor who is expected to take a special interest in their welfare. 

The role of the class tutor is central to the smooth operation of the College.  

It is not possible to summarise all the duties that arise from time to time.